Schedule Your BMW Service

Schedule Your Next BMW Service in Pleasant Grove

You can count on your BMW from BMW of Pleasant Grove to help with daily driving tasks. However, it needs periodic servicing to keep it running smoothly in Provo. Bring your vehicle to our dealership in Pleasant Grove for the following services.


Your brakes should stop in Draper quickly when you press them to help avoid collisions. If you are not getting your BMW brakes serviced, the components may wear out faster and have a slow response time.

Some other signs your brakes need servicing in Park City are pulling to one side, vibrating when pressed, and a soft pedal. The service manual for your BMW should include when to schedule routine brake service, but you may need it sooner. The technician will check your brakes for damage, bleed the brake line, fill the fluid, and repair or replace parts.


The transmission is the component that helps you shift gears in Lehi, so service is essential. Transmission fluid keeps the components lubricated, and it can thicken and separate and get filled with debris.

Transmission service prevents overheating from low fluid, makes driving safer, and extends the life of your vehicle. Signs your transmission needs servicing include trouble shifting gears, poor acceleration, burning odors, and fluid leaks. The technician will check your fluid, clean or replace the gasket or pan, and clean or replace the filter.


Tire rotation is important to help the tread, the rubber part that touches the road, wear out evenly. It also helps them maintain their grip on the road for a safer and smoother ride and better fuel efficiency.

Tire inflation is important to prevent friction between the tire and the road to avoid blowouts. Tire inflation is even more necessary in the cooler weather because tires lose one Psi for every ten-degree temperature drop. If your tires have bulges, vibrate excessively, shake as you drive, or the tire light comes on, it's time for service.